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What is covered as "maintenance" by Goldmar?

From indoors to outside, we will handle your property’s maintenance needs. Services covered include landscaping, HVAC servicing, plumbing, electrical maintenance, and general handyman work.

I am not the lease holder. Can I submit a maintenance request?

No. All maintenance requests must come from the individuals who are listed on the lease.

I am the landlord. Can I submit a maintenance request on behalf of my tenant?

Yes. As your property management company, we can complete the maintenance request on your behalf with proper notice.

What should I do to prepare on the scheduled day of my maintenance request?

Maintaining a Sanitary Environment

As most people already know, keeping a sanitary environment is one of the most important maintenance steps you can take in a rental home. Avoiding unsanitary conditions by keeping a clean house is one task that all occupants are responsible for. Since tenants live on the property each day, it’s crucial to maintain a clean environment to minimize damage to the rental unit and avoid health complications for occupants. 

It’s not uncommon for rental homes to experience rodent or insect issues. To avoid attracting critters to the rental property, tenants should keep the area well-maintained. That said, keeping your rental home clean is one of the essential maintenance procedures. 

When preparing for a maintenance visit, this is very important to allow a clean working environment

Keeping the Property Free of Hazards

Like keeping your rental home clean, it must be free of safety hazards as well. With that, tenants should avoid any safety issues for themselves and the property. Some of the most common safety concerns within a rental home include:

  • Emergency exits blocked with personal belongings
  • Personal items kept too close to critical equipment such as the water heater or breaker box
  • Smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors are tampered with

These scenarios can cause unnecessary safety concerns for tenants and their guests. That said, tenants must be aware of safety concerns around the property to protect themselves and the rental home. 

During a maintenance call, the work space must be free of hazards and offer a safe space for the workers or trades.  If an area is not in a safe condition, the worker may leave and the work will have to be rescheduled.  In this case, work will be delayed.

How long do I have to wait for my maintenance to be completed?

Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act does not specify a particular timeframe in which landlords need to address maintenance issues, however, we try and do all work in a timely manner, within our control. Depending on what the work entails, availability of materials, and required trades, time frames will vary. We will communicate with you for scheduling and updates as required.